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Tiktok Paket



Content Strategy: Creating a content strategy for the TikTok account, providing content ideas, tracking trends, and planning content.

Content Creation: Creating engaging content for TikTok videos, filming creative videos, and producing video content.

Hashtag Research: Researching popular hashtags on the TikTok platform that appeal to your client's target audience, providing recommendations, and developing a hashtag strategy for content.

Contests and Campaigns: Organizing TikTok contests and campaigns, determining prizes, and creating contest/campaign strategies.

Community Management: Responding to comments and messages on your TikTok account, interacting with customers, and managing your account.

Analytics and Reporting: Monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on TikTok account performance. Working on account growth, engagement rates, and other metrics, and reporting on them.

Advertising Management: Creating, publishing, and managing TikTok ads.