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As soon as the end customer has ordered and paid for the product in your online shop, you as a dropshipper buy the product from the manufacturer or wholesaler and specify the end customer as the recipient.

The big advantage here is that the product does not first go through your hands as the shop operator, and the goods do not have to be bought and stored in large quantities.

Likewise, dropshippers don't have to worry about excess products that just don't sell and then gather dust in the warehouse.

Because of the low initial cost, the dropship model is a handy way to test new products or test the ecommerce waters before jumping in all the way.

Another advantage offered by the dropshipping solution is that a much larger range of products can be offered, since goods do not have to be stored at great expense.

Likewise, not having a warehouse allows you to manage the dropship shop from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection.


Have apps developed by experts

👉 Specialized agency for app development since 2019

👉 Pure in-house development with permanent developers

👉 German quality standards at fair prices: German contacts and German project management in Stuttgart, Zurich and Dubai.

👉 Experienced team with 25 completed app projects

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Marketplaces expand your successful sales network

Marketplaces are an important factor in your successful sales strategy, because you benefit from the reputation and reach of large platforms: Get easy access to millions of new customers. Open up new markets and target groups at the push of a button. Benefit from a fast time-to-market and a multi-present shop window on all relevant platforms.

Anyone who successfully uses the marketplace business benefits from increased visibility, more reach and an increase in brand awareness. Niche online shops enable ideal market access to sell products across the board. And platforms are also ideal for selling returns and second-hand goods.


Only the best logistics for your customers. Easy and fast. Our international logistics processes are optimized to the highest standards and performance - whether for receipt, storage, last-mile delivery with a local service provider or returns.


Web & mobile shop

Reach customers where they prefer to be. We build your web and mobile shops with our integrated modules for a quick start - or with the help of specialized frontend providers.



A brand is more than just a logo. A brand is the image in the mind of your customers that expands every time they come into contact with your company. Every advertisement, every newsletter and every feeling that you convey through them expands the image that your customers have of your company.

The brand is therefore the personality of a company. How customers perceive your business is largely – but not entirely – in your hands. In the following you will learn how we build a successful brand with you in 9 steps.

  • Market and Competitor Analysis – Step 1
  • Company Values ​​– Step 2
  • Target Audience – Step 3
  • Brand Positioning – Step 4
  • Vision & Mission – Step 5
  • Brand Name and Slogan - Step 6
  • Corporate Design – Step 7
  • Corporate Language – Step 8
  • Brand consistency (consistent branding) – Step 9


Forget the standard

Your direct line to award-winning marketing expertise.

Are you ready to take your marketing KPIs to the next level with proven control methods and optimized algorithms? Beeboss helps you to scale - completely transparent and perfectly integrated into your strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Increase your sales with authentic stories.

Automated CRM

Automate your customer relationship management.

Marketing at Beeboss

Generate at least a triple return on your marketing investments on average.

Work with a marketing team dedicated to your success.

Use our database with over 300 European influencers and detailed, valuable insights.

Reduce complexity and focus on what makes your business different.

Regardless of whether it is Google ADS or Facebook ADS, with us you have the specialists at your side.

Influencer Marketing

Increase your sales and influence the willingness to buy with influencer marketing. Use this range and benefit from more visibility. Well-known influencers can give your brand a face, promote awareness and build trust.


What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon allows online retailers to outsource the storage of the goods and shipping to the customer completely to Amazon for a certain fee.

Those who opt for shipping through Amazon have various FBA types to choose from and can choose the right service depending on their size, strategy, etc.

In general, online retailers have two options for offering their goods on the Amazon marketplaces: FBA and FBM.

FBA: FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon (=Shipping by Amazon) and anyone who uses one of these services places tasks such as warehousing, shipping or customer service entirely in the hands of Amazon.

FBM: Fulfillment by Merchant, FBM for short, means that the retailer takes care of the storage and shipping of the goods himself and only uses Amazon as a platform to offer his own goods.

Building an Amazon FBA company is not always easy.

Experience has shown that it can be complex to set up your own Amazon business without prior knowledge. This is exactly where Beeboss comes into play to actively support you on your way to success.

Benefit from our unique concept:

We build an Amazon business completely for you. Along the way, you will learn how to successfully sell products on Amazon. We combine theory and practice to give you the perfect start in business.

Your advantages as an Amazon entrepreneur

A successful company needs more than just an idea: you need a strong and competent partner at your side.


An Amazon company is a system that enables you to sell your premium products. Products that used to be bought offline are now mostly bought on Amazon.


Thanks to the fully digitized system, you are not tied to any one location. You can choose your workplace yourself. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

working time

As an FBA entrepreneur, you have the advantage that the entire logistics process is handled by Amazon. This system allows you to organize your time freely.

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